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Cheap Avandia Canadian Drugs | Avandia Affordable Prices

Brand: Avandia | Canada | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Avandia 60 x 2mg tablet$151.03
Avandia 120 x 2mg tablet$302.06
Avandia 180 x 2mg tablet$453.09
Avandia 240 x 2mg tablet$604.12
Avandia 300 x 2mg tablet$755.15
Avandia 360 x 2mg tablet$906.18
Avandia 420 x 2mg tablet$1,057.21
Avandia 480 x 2mg tablet$1,208.24


Cheap Avandia Canadian Drugs | Avandia Affordable Prices

Brand: Avandia | Israel | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Avandia 84 x 4mg tablet$187.82
Avandia 168 x 4mg tablet$359.18
Avandia 252 x 4mg tablet$530.54
Avandia 336 x 4mg tablet$701.89
Avandia 420 x 4mg tablet$873.25
Avandia 504 x 4mg tablet$1,047.90
Avandia 588 x 4mg tablet$1,222.55
Avandia 672 x 4mg tablet$1,397.20

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